10 Min Ab Sculpting Workout to Blast Belly Fat

These are my NEWEST six pack sculpting moves to help you tone your abs, lower belly, and obliques for a hard core and flat abs! It’s only 10 minutes long but will target that belly fat zone….
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25 thoughts on “10 Min Ab Sculpting Workout to Blast Belly Fat”

  1. Have you guys all turned in the pic for the #POPstersinPlank contest!???
    So many good prizes!!! Ends Wed!

  2. I love the background in the video, for some reason it motivates me. Your
    decorations are always so adorable! P.S. love your shirt ;)!

  3. Used this in my POP Pilates class on Mondays. Killed the students. They
    loved it!! I hope to teach all of you in real life one of these days!

  4. Thanks Cassey! I’m ganna try this workout out tonight! I love how your
    workouts are so fast but SO effective!

  5. Yay I am trying to finish a whole blogilates month this January so one day
    down thirty to go! Lets HIIT it!

  6. That was totally wicked!!! ^_^
    On another note, I experienced hip-popping during the butterfly crunches.
    Anyone know how to not have that? Or if I should just go to a
    professional and get that checked out?

  7. Ok, can somebody just tell me how I can put my back on the mat, please??
    There is always a big hole underneath me. Also I can’t put my shoulders
    from the mat. Seems my mild concussion two weeks ago made me forgetting it
    and don’t ever getting it by myself again. -.-

  8. Shantelle Rogers

    I thought I had gained a lot more core strength after the beginner
    calendar and multiple videos but Cassey made it harder lol. Great video.

  9. Hi Cassie, thank you for your workout video! I always have a problem
    pushing up with my upper body especially when i do abs workout. I couldn’t
    do the V Sit up , i couldn’t lift so high. Will it be that my belly/waist
    has no muscle at all. What should i do to strengthen the area . Its really
    difficult for me to complete it. Thank you so much!

  10. Just finished day 2 of the Beginners Challenge Calendar and omg ouch!! My
    abs were still sore from yesterday but I managed to get through the
    majority of this video! 

  11. Oh also for my bday my mom got me ur yoga bag the pink with the bows and
    the Mat that says sore today strong tomorrow 

  12. Danielle Hennessy-Wack


  13. omigosh, I saw this video and instantly started doing it!
    POPsters, I have a problem, please help if you can. I’m going on a mini
    road trip next week with my family and extended family. We’re going to be
    doing lots of swimming, which is my favorite sport btw. But I’m feeling
    sooo self conscious about it. I am currently about 25 pounds overweight and
    all my other relatives are average weight! I normally am a confident person
    but I just have so much swim wear anxiety. I don’t know what I should do to
    improve my thoughts or to improve my body. Should I go on a no dairy and
    flour diet and do the Rocktober workouts or what? I really am super self
    conscious and I don’t know what I should do or if I should say anything to
    my parents or what! Please help me if you can 🙂
    Great workout Cassey

  14. OMG! I managed to do all of this work out! Must be getting better. Awesome!
    Thanks so much +blogilates 

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