10 Exercises to Kick Start Your Weight Loss

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14 thoughts on “10 Exercises to Kick Start Your Weight Loss”

  1. Thanks for posting! These are all great ideas guys! I guess I’m just trynig to think of ways too that during the year people can get more activity into their lives whether they are a student or work. I guess it appears that we are becoming a very lazy society and I’m trynig to think of ways to change that Have you ever seen the movie Wall-E? If not you should check it out. Its made me think a lot about the future of society. How do we keep our bodies healthy???

  2. Love this video! Thank you so much for sharing this. I lead a fitness support group and I can’t wait to share this. Its great for newbies.

  3. Can you do an intense lower abs and “hate” (love) handles workout. Please and Thank you.

  4. Hi Kim!!! I love this video it’s just what I needed to kick start my work outs at home. I’m a new subcriber and I’m glad I found you!!! : ) Be a great day!!!!

  5. Nice job ! Stay focused and keep up the good work.Im going to subscribe to your channel, please do the same for me DEZEL WORKOUTS….Lets Get Fit !!!!

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