25 thoughts on “1 Minute Ab Workout”

  1. TheScienceofGettingRipped.com

    You gotta do planks, scissor kicks, iron crosses, leg lifts, and side
    planks to get six pack abs.

  2. Do I really have to exercise and diet to achieve abs.I have a flat stomach
    so I don’t have a layer of fat.

  3. Great ab workout – definitely can do more than 1 minute of these to get
    great results. theabstand*net

  4. @Superkissmyblackass I can do 300 at 1 time and I am 10 plus make all As on
    my report card and I almost have a six pack

  5. They didn’t say “Do this a minute a day and the fat will go away!” or
    anything like that.. It was more like, they were showing us different
    excercises in a minute. The title was just so people would watch the video.

  6. listen guys, just like you iv always wanted a 6 pack but a personality
    defect from birth has rendered this impossible basicly im a lazy prick!
    then i stumbled upon a you tube video called abbs in minuits the easy way,
    i baught one and all i can say is to my total amazement they actualy work
    good luck.

  7. @aaliyahash genetics have a large role in the shape and size of abdominal

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