1 thought on “1. Kettlebell Workouts • BEGINNERS WORKOUT”

  1. I think that the magic behind kebelttells is that they were not crafted to be lifted, or otherwise worked with, with ease. Lots of gym equipment is made so it’s balanced and/or comfortable to work with. The difficulty comes from the amount of weight lifted.Compare a dumbbell versus a kettlebell of the same weight. The weight of the DB is evenly balanced on both sides of the hands. With the KB, however, it’s all put in front of the hand. So, it’s awkward. There hasn’t been a piece of strength training equipment in years that was made to be awkward in the mainstream fitness world. It’s probably a little bit of a shock to a lot of people. I like the new site, Matt. Keep up the good work,try to stay dry, and try not to OD on the new crop of maple syrup!

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